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TastyCash Rewards Program Terms & Conditions 1. TastyCash Rewards Program: Using a Tasty Cash Card will allow you to access the following member benefits: The ability to receive a 10% discount on all Tasty products (excluding cigarettes, ) when you load a minimum $50 on your card. Membership to the Tasty Rewards Program is free. You can pick up a card from any Tasty Van and register with the Van Sales Manager of that van or visit the Tasty website at www.tastytfreshfoodco.com.au to register. You can also call our head office on 1300 827 898 to have a Card mailed to your home. You can use your card at any Tasty mobile café in the state of activation. 2. How to Register your Card: If you wish to become a TastyCash member you must first register your Card with any Tasty Operator or at our website located at www.tastytfreshfoodco.com.au. There is a limit of one registered card per person. A registered Card is not transferable, and may only be used by the registered cardholder. It is your responsibility to keep your personal details updated. 3. How to Cancel your Card: You may cancel your Card by telephoning our head office on 1300 827 898. If a Card is cancelled any benefits not already redeemed by the cardholder will be automatically forfeited. 4. Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards: Keep your card in a safe place. If your card is lost, stolen or damaged, telephone our head office on 1300 827 898. If you have registered your Card and your Card is lost or stolen, Tasty may issue you with a replacement Card. Any money loaded on your lost or stolen, registered Card will be transferred to your new Card. However, if your Card is not registered, any money loaded on that Card cannot be replaced. If your Card is damaged or unusable, Tasty may issue you with a replacement Card. If your Card is registered or if the unique barcode on the Card is still readable, any money loaded on to your damaged Card will be replaced. However, if your Card is not registered, and the unique barcode is not readable, any money already loaded on to that damaged Card cannot be replaced. The issuing of replacement Cards is at Tasty discretion. 5. Tasty is not liable for: Any delay in replacing a lost, stolen or damaged Card. Any loss, theft, or damage to any documentation in the course of post or delivery of that documentation. 6. Privacy: Tasty respects your privacy. We collect, store & use your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. You consent to Tasty using your personal information to operate & provide you with membership benefits of the Tasty Cash Rewards Program. You also consent to Tasty using your information to assist in planning, developing & researching product & service offerings involving Tasty. For example, we may: seek you participation (on a purely voluntary basis) in advertising campaigns, launches, customer testimonials and focus groups; and seek your feedback on the TastyCash Rewards Program and Tasty product & service offerings. 7. Changes to Terms & Conditions Tasty reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate these Terms & Conditions, the TastyCash Rewards Program, and any benefits under the Tasty Cash Rewards Program at any time. Tasty will give advance notice of any such circumstance on our Website or you can obtain such details by calling our head office, allowing you to cancel your TastyCash membership within the period of that advance notice. Where we change the TastyCash Terms & Conditions, the TastyCash Rewards Program, or any benefits under the TastyCash Rewards program, an updated copy of them will be available on our Website or by telephoning our head office. Continuing to use your Card after the period of advance notice has expired will be deemed acceptance of the amended Terms & Conditions. 8. Complaints & Queries If you have any queries or complaints regarding the TastyCash Rewards Program, you should contact us at our head office by calling 1300 827 898.
*excluding cigarettes.